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Steam Condensers



GEA Power Cooling Inc. and GEA Polacel

We represent both GEA Power Cooling, Denver Colorado, for Air cooled steam condensers and large field erected Cooling Towers, and GEA Polacel, Houston Texas, for industrial cooling towers.

GEA Power Cooling

Wet Cooling

  • Custom engineered counterflow and crossflow cooling towers
  • Plume abated towers
  • Fiberglass, wood and concrete structures
  • Inspection, repair and upgrade services

Dry Cooling

  • Air-cooled steam condensers
  • Parallel condensing ststems ( PAC Systems)

GEA Polacel

Industrial Cooling Towers

  • Counterflow and cross flow designs
  • Pre-designed and fully module towers
  • Advanced stainless steel structure

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