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ABS Pumps Corp.

ABS Pumps truly unique Ultima Canned motor pump is the only canned pump in its class capable of running dry. Its unique internal construction allows the bearings to operate with no fluid recirculation when upset conditions occur. This makes the Ultima Pump, extremely well suited for any application requiring sealless pumps.

The Ultima pump dynamically balances itself and comes complete with a bearing wear monitor. Since there is no pump/motor coupling no alignment is required and the pump is completely field repairable if the need should ever arise.



Teikoku USA

For Sealless Pumps, no one compares. Teikoku are the largest canned motor pump company in the world. They have a complete product line available with ANSI dimensions and also available in horizontal and vertical configurations. When it comes to heat transfer fluids, we offer pumps with cooling jackets or utilize ceramic motor windings depending on your preference.

Teikoku has the experience and will recommend the safest equipment for these special types of applications.

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