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Ash Handling Systems


Aumund Group

Aumund Group is a global manufacturer of conveying and storage equipment for a wide range of bulk materials with differing characteristics.

Aumund Group comprises three separate brands:

  • Aumund
  • Schade
  • Samson


Aumund has extensive experience in cement, mining and metallurgy, chemicals and fertilizer, power plants and mineral and ore handling.
Aumund products include:

  • Bucket Elevators
  • Apron Feeders
  • Pan conveyors
  • Rotary discharge systems for silos





Schade is a leading manufacturer of stacking and reclaiming equipment for bulk material stockyards and blending beds.
Schade products include:

  • Stacker, Reclaimers
  • Longitudinal Stockyards
  • Circular Stockyards
  • Storage and blending systems
  • Railcar unloading systems



Samson Materials Handling Ltd.

A member of the Aumund Group, Samson manufacture a comprehensive range of mobile material handling solutions dedicated to the reliable intake, storage and export of general bulk cargoes.

Products and systems include:

  • Mobile material feeder to receive bulk materials directly from tipping trucks and loading shovels
  • Severe duty globe style control valves O.75" through 20" ANSI Class 150 through 4500
  • Stormajor ® Boom Feeder for stock piling, barge loading and rail car loading
  • Mobile solutions for ports and terminals
  • Mobile ship loader
  • Eco Hopper is a travelling dust controlled grab unloading hopper. Perfect for ecologically sensitive areas for the efficient import of dry bulk cargoes

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Detroit Stoker Company

Detroit Stoker Company is the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial stokers and related combustion equipment for biomass and combustible solid fuels.

Solid Fuel Products

  • Stokers – VCG, Hydrograte, Rotograte VCG
  • Rotary seal feeders
  • Replacement parts for any stoker design


  • Complete line of burners for gaseous and liquid fuels
  • Low NOxburners
  • Ultra-low NOx burners

Ash Handling

  • Industrial ash handling systems for flyash, bottom ash and pyrites from solid fuel fired boilers
  • Clinker grinders
  • Over fire air systems to help reduce N0x, CO and particulates.

See also Bulk Handling Material System, Burners, Rotary Seal Feeders & Valves, Stokers

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