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Heat Recovery Steam Generators


Victory Energy Inc.

Voyager Series

Victory Energy is a diverse boiler company that offers and manufacture the following types of boilers and related equipment:

Watertube Boilers
Our Voyageur series of Watertube boilers range in steam capacities from 29,000 PPH up to 250,000 PPH.  We specifically manufacture the “O” style boiler. These larger steam generators are typically used by the heavy manufacturing industry, universities, refineries, petro-chemical, ethanol, pulp & paper mills, Pharmaceuticals, steel mills, large hospitals and large government facilities.

watertube boiler image


Firetube Boilers
Firetube boilers range in size from 100 HP to 2200 HP.  This type of boiler serves the light manufacturing businesses, schools, hospitals and the ethanol industry.

Waste Heat Recovery Boilers
We design and manufacture a line of heat recovery boilers, which we can proudly say, has a patent pending.  This product line has been a large success for Victory Energy.

This boiler design serves other industries as well such as, cogeneration, pharmaceutical, municipal solid waste and other types of pollution control facilities. 

Auxiliary Equipment offered by VEO
In support of all the boilers we offer to the industry, we provide all types of ductwork, stacks, heat exchangers, structural steel, control systems and integration of control systems, Low NOx burner systems, and water treatment equipment to complement our steam generating systems.

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